Assyrian Martyrs Commemoration

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God bless all the Martyrs who gave their life's for our beloved nation Assyria!, these people did not only fight for our nation to bring peace and freedom to our people, but they also gave their life's so that one day our nation may raise again. God bless all our people
Let us honor the memory of the fallen ones, and identify them by the true cause they died for. Always we see courageous, nationalists among us all fighting for one acme cause, the Assyrian independence. They died so we may live in honor, and as true Assyrians. May the Lord of the Hosts honor our Assyrian fallen martyrs. God bless our Assyrian nation, Amen! Ramina Ashur Malek
You gave your life for me as Jesus had done, I will remember you as often as I remember him.
I will light a candle today god bless all assyrian we will come together again and have our land yes. Do not forget arturia #1 ASSYRIANS #1 COME FIRST. GOD BLESS ALL ASSYRIAN DO NOT FORGET WE MUST COME TOGETHER. WE NEED OUR FLAG TO STAND TALL FOR ALL OF US THROUGHOUT THE WORLD LOUD AND CLEAR.
It is not only today that we remember the Assyrian Martyrs. We will NEVER forget why they died. They died because they had the Assyrian name in their heart and mind. They died because they knew who they were and what their name was. Lest not forget. Lest not let their blood and sacrifice go in vain!
God Bless you all! Rest in peace!
We will never forget.
وقاري لكل الشهداء وشكري لروحهم التي بها أناروا طريقي نحو أمتي
They are alive in my heart. God Bless Assyrians and Assyria!!!
We will always remember our beloved Assyrian Martyres.
Our Assyrian martyrs exhibited bravely like lions their true precious identity, being Assyrians before, and beyond anything else. Our great heroes felt down, and shed their sacred blood mixing with the soil of our land Assyria (ATOUR) so we may at all times; yesterday, today, and far in the future stand brave and call ourselves ASSYRIAN. Brothers/Sisters, Our martyrs don't want us to shed feeble tears for them, for they aren't dead but rather alive, and free in the Garden of Eden of our fatherland Assyria. Rather, they want us to remember their message, and pass it on from generation to generation preserving all the essence of our national identity, language, history, motherland, unity. please lit a candle for them every day starting from August 2nd till August 8th. Remind the world we have not forgotten our brave fallen heroes whom died so we may live free as ASSYRIANS. Come on Assyrian don't cry! Send e-mails to all foreign medias all over the world reminding them not only about our wounded brotherns, but also about the living martyrs-Assyrian national rights. We are not alien from this planet earth. Where is the Assyrian land? Ashur Youluos Malek Ashur Youluos Malek
our prayers and thought are always with our Assyrian Martyrs. And our candle for them is the sun that is lit in the sky. Banipal Mishael Lazzar
Our martyrs are our guidance to freedom and liberty . They sacrificed their precious lives so we could live in dignity and integrity. Let us not forget these brave men and women for what they rendered to our Assyrian nation. LONG LIVE ASSYRIA and ASSYRIANS Ashur Beth-Shlimon __________________________________________ The author of the MARTYR'S DAY
Our life is a results of your sacrifices. May the lord unite us to continue what you sacrificed for. Choukha LChemmokhon, al roukhokhon. May God bless your souls.
Assyrians will never forget the sacrifices you made for your Nation and for the God given the Assyrian Name! May Lord Jesus Christ bless your souls.
We will always remember you. Our martyrs have given their blood and soul for sake of our nation. They are our "HEROS".. May God rest their souls in peace. Romrama omtan Ashureta..
My grand fathers both were massacared in SIMELEH and eighty one people from the lewonayeh tribe were martyred in 1933. May the LORD bless their souls and all Assyrian martyrs world wide Amen! Sincerely Shamasha John Khio
Martyrs enlighten the path to glory and salvation of an entire nation. They are the living candles in our hands when darkness surrounds the Assyrian nation.
It is a day for Assyrians to pause to reflect on, pray for and ponder on their martyrs. It is a day to unit our efforts in support of our heroes, the brave men of the Assyrian Democratic Movement.
We will pray for all of the people who have given thier lives to our nation.
We will never forget them. GOD please bless our beloved Assyrian Martyrs. They have passed away but still they are our national hope.
We will always remember them.
They are the reason for our existence as of today for being an Assyrian. We never forget who really we are and what was the price paid for it yesterday to be a still 100% Assyrian today.
We shall endure, and overcome. Our martyrs are our angles. We shall never forget them.
Jesuse died one time so we can live free of sin. Assyrian Martyrs shed thier blod over 2600 yers so assyria can live.May God bless thier soil.
Awen qad palekh qa oomto oop en saleh all qhora, shemmo ki payesh motkhera men dora all dora. Poshon bi shlama abadinaya ya sahde khaye, dokhokhon le ateh all mansheta.
Thank you, and God Bless.
we will never forget
we will never forget
God bless all assyrian all over the world. Be brave and. And let the nation know we still alive and strong Keep your heads up and be proud of your heritage
My dear Benny, Thank you for your email, and I think that it is the sacred duty of every Assyrian to light a candle in memory of the long and old list of the Assyrian martyers that gave their precious lives for the liberation of our lost Homeland Iraq, and the preservation of our God given Assyrian name and identity. It is the least we can do. I hope that every pure and dedicated Assyrian will adhere to your Assyrian patriotic suggestion. With kind regards to you and all the dedicated political fighting Assyrians. Allenby Dadisho George Khaya Ashur
Ashurieh For Ever good job benny
I light this candle for you as a small token of my love and appreciation for the ultimate sacrifice you made. Your memories should define the clear path of every true nationalist. We will not let your sacrifice go in vain by compromising your identity or your cause. I only hope that we will live as such that we will not be ashamed when we meet again beyond this form of life. Rest in peace! Shamiram Daniali
Let it be Remembered… Glory and honor to our Assyrian martyrs who gave their lives for the preservation of the Assyrian cultural, religious and ethnic identity.
They are our heroes and we will never forget them. TEMON KOLAN KHAYEDAKH BOT DEMA ZAKAYA D SAHDAN KASHIRE.
May God rest the souls of Assyrian Martyrs whom sacrificed their life for the sake of their nation.
You will be always alive in our thoughts, in our deeds and our daily fatiques.
We shall never forget you, you shall be in our minds and thoughts always. Andy Darmoo on behalf of Save The Assyrian Campaign
God bless our Martyrs soul and we are proud of them we are exist because of them
For our beloved Assyrian Martyrs i light a candle
least we forget our martyers, those who offered the ultimate scrifice.
He who has gone, so we but cherish his memory, abides with us, more potent, nay, more present than the living man.
For all our beloved Assyrian martyrs, I'm lighting a candle to commemorate your great sacrifices. May God rest your souls.
Lest we Forget their beloved souls.
Hi, very nice idea thanksfor a massage
You will always live in our hearts.
God bless all Assyrian.
God bless all Assyrian.
aloho mHath-alkhu, athlite gabore. u nuhr-athkhu ko-manhar u darbo di umth-aydan. ko-manhar u darbo du shayno u di Hirutho du ´am-aydan. Hubo u flHono li umtho.
Long Live Our Nation Glory to Our Martyrs
We will always remember
For the memory our beloved Assyrian martyrs I'm lighting a candle to commemorate your great sacrifices May God rest your souls
God bless you all
May God rest their souls. I will light a candle for all of them. I wanted to thank the person who put the statue in honor of them at the cemetary. I have heard from one person that it was placed only for a certain family. I say whatever the reason it was placed there it is ASSYRIAN for ASSYRIANS. God bless them all.
Your place should be in the heaven. Alaha Manekhlokhon
Alaha Manikhlon Ooh Hawee Go Nowra Ooh Pirdaisa Sydney, Australia
shokha o rom ram al sahdet omten gabrea , at ane ela pesha momedea atret bet nahren be demah zakaya , hamsha rokhwatokhon bet hoew menen eka bet hawekh . ben_atra
God Bless <3
I light this candle for all who died in the name of Assyria. Especially for my father, Nadan Younadam, who was killed in Tikrit, Iraq on August 19th 2003. To not fight for Assyria would bring shame to all those who died. Yours in Assyrianism!
Dear Lord Jesus, Although our enemies are many and our INDEGINEOUS LAND rights are not met Please Protect us Worldwide We pray. IRAQ IS A GIVEN NAME!!! Vengeance is God's only - GOD IS ON MY SIDE ***ASSYRIA THE WORK OF GOD HAND - IS OUR PRIORITY - WE ARE NOT A MINORITY*** READ OF MY GOVERNING ANCESTRY HERE
We Will Never Forget. God Blees You. Thank You.
Allaha Ayéfleh, koun hawi do melkoutha d'alahha... R.I.P
God bless all of our Assyrin martyrs and bless our nation. Unity, love, and respect.
You have left this world, left us, but you are our supporters, this candle, represents your dreams among us, we will never forget.
May god bless you.
Our Martyr's blood was spilled so we can see the Upraise of 'NEW' Assyria Assyrian Nation awaits the FLOWERS of these (ZADIGEE)blessed and Baptized by blood, seeds that they planted
Beloved Assyrian martyrs, With your sacrifices, courageous thwarts for an acme cause of Assyrian liberation, you thus made us a complete nation. There is no nation as such without bloodshed of its own people on the altar of its keen freedom, and independence. Yesterday, today and forever we shall be remembering you from the hearts for the heroes never die, but their names will always be chiseled in the eternal history of the Assyria nation. God Almighty bless you, your struggle shall ripe the birth of the Assyrian state. Amen!
To the family of my great grandparents. I'm sorry you were lost to us.
We will never forget our Martyrs!
WE WILL LIVE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Khaya omta atoreta
In memory of my Assyrian ancestors and all innocents who perished at the hands of the Ottoman Turks.
God bless all the matryrs
villa i fred till alla som har offerat sitt liv för oss alla .och ett stark stöd till deres blir aldrig glömde !!!
Generation should remember , that our blood was spilled on northern Iraq, Iran , our Blood was spilled in Baghdad and Nineveh and all northern villages , generation should remember that once in sippar we played the harp for fool nations.
May God bless our Martyrs and our nation and may Gad grant us another chance.
In respect for all the fallen martyrs that gave their lives for the Assyrian cause. And special thanks to my dear friend Benjamin Daniali who has always dedicated his time and efforts towards Assyrian causes.
God Bless All Assyrian Around the world,,, Proud Assyrian Violet
God Bless All Assyrian Around the world,,, Proud Assyrian Peace and love Assyrian Martyrs Violet
my god bless our omta ashoureta ,,, alaha manekhlon sahdan ashouraye ,. EDWARD BET NARSA
Jesus bless this candle light
Allaha Manikhlun
I am a proud Assyrian, and strive to embrace our beautiful culture, tradition, and history.
We will never forget our martyrs who offered themselves happily to our nation. *RIP*
We will never forget our Martyrs. God Bless the Assyrians in any faith or sect, where ever they are, for we were called "Lords of the four Quarters."
I will never forget my Beloved Assyrian Martyrs
Years & Years may go by but the pain and heart break of loosing you will never go away. Not jsut now but forever we will light the candle for ALL our beloved Assyrian Martyrs!! ** KHAYID ATOUR **
My your soul rest in peace
God bless
How could we forget those who sacrificed their life for Omtan Atoraytah and how could we not honor the fallen one in the name of Assyria. Rest in peace because we will always remember you.
The soals of the Martyrs are the pefume of heaven and their cries are an offering to erase evil.
Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?" John 10:25-26
you will always be in our prayers...
Greetings of love and loyalty to the martyrs of our nation and our beloved Iraq Media elia Majid - Dohuk, Iraq --
Lest we forget May God lay their soul in Peace
I, salute the Assyrian Martyr who preferred to endure Torture and Death rather than abandoning the Assyrian Nation. I, salute the Assyrian Martyr who made enormous sacrifices in order to advance the Assyrian Cause. Shookha o romrama al raokhat sahdan manatee atouraye. Sam Darmo
God bless their souls for we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them.
May all the Martyrs rest in peace.
Rest in peace.
May our nation light candle for Assyrian Martyrs in Assyria, under Assyrian Rulers and Assyrian Flag.
Dear Lord, Rest their sole in your piece, and help our nation to find its UNITY!
Dear Lord, Rest their sole in your piece, and help our nation to find its UNITY!
life is the highest value for human being you have sacreficed that value for us. forever you will live in our memory. we shall follow your steps.
We never forget..... God Bless Assyria
Tihe Beth-Nahrin! Tihe Suhde Othuroye! Khayya Umtan Beth-Nahrin! Khayya Atour!
God rest their souls
Lieber Asyuriesch Myrties.....sie sind immer in unserer Herz,Ihre leisten zur unsere (Omta)bleibt ewiekeit.
May God Rest our martyrs in haven.
We never forget Assyrian Martyrs
R.I.P, You will never be forgotten God bless our nation.
لكل العظماء الذين ضحو بدمائهم من اجلنا ومن اجل الامة الاشورية اشعر بحزن عميق لشعوري انني ومن معي مقصرين تجاه الدماء التي سفكتموها من اجلنا واتسائل هل نستحق تلك الدماء الطاهرة واتمنى فعلا ان نرتقي الى نقطة واحدة من دمائكم وان نسير على هداكم عاشت الامة الاشورية وعاش شعبنا
with love and gratitude, regina
We will always remember and respect our Assyrian matters, at the same time we should be looking at answers on how we can prevent any more hardship for our people living in danger zones….God Bless our Maters God bless our Nation
I am proud to be assyrian. we will always remmber our Assyrian Martyrs. as long as we are in life God bless you all. God bless Assyrian nation shlimon haddad. Holland
May God bless those who died while performing their duty in the light of God.
GLORY AND HONOUR TO OUR ASSYRIAN MARTYRS They gave their lives for the preservation of our Culture, Religion and Identity. WE SHOULD REMEMBER AND HONOUR THEM FOR EVER God bless those who try to keep this important DAY OF ASSYRIANS ALIVE.
We shall never forget.
We pray tirelssly for their sole and ask God to reward them.
GOD Rest their souls in Peace... My sincere condolences to all their living relatives and friends. Long Live ASSYRIA for ever and ever. Shlimoon Youkhana Tempe, Arizona July 28, 2009
Shlama al Bennie O Shamee. God bless you for a job well done on assryiatimes for supporting our Eata 0 omtta Atourayta in the time of need.and if there's is any thing I can do from Michigan to help the Assyrian cause please let me know. KAYA EATAN O OMTAN ATOURAYTA. MAY GOD REST OUR MARTYRS SOUL IN PEACE.
May they rest in peace!!
Thank you for reminding us of those who suffered and perished in their struggle for existence over the years. Their names are not in the history books, but they are remembered in our hearts and minds. God Bless!
We will always remember them!
God Bless the Assyrian People
Be-slawatit Maran Haweetoon En'teereh
We who live in confort out of atra, is our most important duty to honor our martyr's on 7 Btabakh (7 of Aug).
I belive in Assyria
you'll be always in our thoughts & prayers
Dear Assyrians, Let's not just sit and cry year after year for those who were brutally murdered for being Assyrian. Let us LEARN from this past and use it to grow and to fuel our quest for justice. Furthermore, in promoting the Assyrian Cause and with it the recognition of a genocide which many have still yet to accept, we must also promote with it the humanitarian cause - i.e. that we are all brothers and sisters and that no one should be discriminated against for who he/she is. In doing so, we will show to the world who the Assyrians are - a people who seek justice (i.e. balance) and who wish to see a world united in brotherhood rather than racism and hate. This is the message our ancient ancestors left us with, knowing that the entire world was once populated by us and that there is no need for hate but rather a need to work together to recognize the atrocities of the past. With that, we will finally be able to move on to build a better world.
"Dokhrana l'a'lam nehwe l'zaddeeqa, o men tebba beasha la nedkhal..." Bet Paysheeton bekhaye hal a'alam.
God Bless all the Assyrian Shlamah Alahakan
The willing sacrifice of our Assyrian martyrs should be looked upon as a prime source of inspiration for all of us. These heroic individuals of our community were unlawfully killed by murderers for no reason other than their belief in the right of our people to exist in the holy land of our forefathers. They truly presented a vivid example of how our national cause ought to be directed in order to fulfil its ultimate objectives. May God's mercy and blessing be upon our innocent martyrs; and may He secure unity among our beloved nation and brings its glory back.
To the beloved Assyrian martyrs who gave their life for the Assyrian Nation...our deepest love and respect goes to you.
RIP. May God bless our nation and our people.
We have to promise our Assyrian Martyrs by unity and work together in building our national foundation.
You will never be forgotten. God bless our Assyrian Martyrs!!!
God bless our martyrs.
God rest them in peace, now is our time to remember them & what they done to keep our assyrian name exist all those years, so lets take all of us same steps they took other wise we loosing our name by adding colours to our name to look nice & strong, but blieve you me with this change of name we getting wiped out slowly, so please keep Assyrian name high & respect for our Martyrs as they sacrfice their lifes for the sake of Assyrian name, Thank you
May God have their souls. I am thankful for these individuals. God Bless
“They died in silence for humanity had closed its ears to their cry”. Lest we forget May all the Assyrian martyrs rest in peace and as long as there are Assyrians and Assyria, their sacrifice must not go in vain
God bless our Martyrs.
My they rest in peace, God bless there soul
We will never forget the ultimate sacrifice you have made, for us to keep our identity. Your cause is engraved in our hearts. May you rest in peace. Adsen
our people must learn from the past, and put aside their differences and build a trust among all ASSYRIAN, ASSYRIAN must always keep in mind that some of our brothers and sisters gave all they had (LIFE) to their nation to keep our beautiful name and beautiful language and very bright histury, civilization and most importand the LAW by Hamurabbi. God Bless OUR NATION Ninus
God Bless All
Thank you for your sacrifice to keep our heritage alive. Rest in peace.
May God Rest Your Souls and Bless You With The Reward You Most Deservingly Earned...Eternity With Him. You Now Rest Peacefully In His Arms. Bless Your Holy Name Lord...
God Bless You All.
their memories will stay with us all the time.our Beloved Assyrian martyrs stay assured the tourch you ignite with your blood , will never die out, wewill carry in our hear and soul, and will continue to work till aspirtion of our people are recognized..alaha manyekhloon sahdan Audisho
ya sude d omtho dil othurayto shamoo hatu bu urho omthonoyo.ach shrogo ko malhitu, elayna huwchu napshaychu dubho, u bu darbo d mor binyamin malachchu.
God Rest their soul.
The very use of the term "Genocide" was initiated by Dr Raphael Lemkin, an academic and practicing lawyer, who was "so deeply disturbed" by the callous and malicious nature of the massacre of thousands of Assyrians by Iraqi authorities that he was compelled to action in an attempt to stop them and prevent their re-occurrence. Born to Jewish parents, there is NO greater proof, evidence or degree of rhetoric which can fully recount the extent of the horrors which the Assyrian nation felt, than the fact that Dr Lemkin instituted the phrase "Genocide" not for the persecution and atrocities committed against his very own people - the Jews by Nazi Germany during the same period, but for the Assyrian people experiencing the attempted (and failed) removal of their people from this world! Our martyrs will never be forgotten so long our vigilance and memories stay strong.
true happiness is when we united by the loved once. i find solace in it.
true happiness is when we united with the loved once. i find solace in it.
God Bless Assyrian
God Bless You All.long live Assyrians
Thank you for your e-mail. May God Bless the souls of our Assyrian Martyrs.
Never forgotten.....
RIP May God Rest Your Souls
Alaha Manyekhlon An Sahde Gabbare, O`Go Nohra O`Pardaisa Anee Khayyane. Alaha Yawwel Khayye Reekhe qa Dann Atouraye D`Ieena L`araa Khayyane. Alaha Khameelon Kolle Bnoonan O`Bnatan, Elaiman O`Elaimatan Op Zee Sawan O`Sawyatan, O`Khayyedlon Khot Kha Shimma Ashoraya( Atouraya, Chaldanaya, Syrianaya, Yezeedaya Op zee Sabeeaya). My Lovely God, Bless Our Assyria and all Mesopotamia.
Hi All Good idea Dan, it is a good way to remember our Mortal Assyrian Martyrs For the sake of our Martyrs I hope to unite all Assyrian Power in ONE POWER believing in Assyria and Assyrians (One Assyrian holy Name, One Ashur land, One Assyrian language) God Bless Assyria Sam Shlimon Toronto - Canada
<3 may God rest their souls <3
You the holy Assyrian Martyrs are the light and the path for our fresh Assyrian generation's dreams and unity commitment. Rest in peace.
May God rest their souls all!!!
In the living memory of assyrian martyrs
alaha manekhlon kole sahde atoraye
God has made a home in heaven for all those who gave their lives for Christ. I pray that a candle of memory will be lit for each one of them and may that memory never go out. Mark Harding Canada
My all the souls rest in peace.
I like to see All the names and locatiuon of martyrs Since the war started. This way can be presentet to Gvernment for copensation.
May all Assyrian Martyrs rest in peace. You will always be in our heart,mind and dreams.
Shlama to all that did give there blood because of you we are still alive ASSYRIA will rise up again that is GODS declarations Shwta Ninwaya bet Daeen Al Daha OUjak. (RIP) To this day we are given MARTYRS they are our new and latest SAHDEH. ALAHA MANEKLOKON KAYA UMTAN ASHORAYTA. Sargon Joseph Milpitas Ca.
God bless everyone.
"Be strong and very courageous" Joshua 1:7
Proudly Assyrian.
By the name of our kings our ancestors our Church leaders that gave there live to there nation ASSYRIA you soul is with us to this day you gave us the light so we can see our past and our present and our future your blood didn’t shade in vain. We’ll past to the next generation and they will see the light that we gave it to them till our stolen home land is returned back to its people ASHORAYEH. Thank you dear Benny and Shami for this great idea. God bless all ASSYRIANS. Zaia Yosip San Jose,Ca
We can smell your blood that brightened our road and to lead us to FREEDOM/KHORARA D UMTAN.We will not only remember you on your HOLY DAY,but you are always alive amongst us every day. We are proud to call ourselves your sons and daughters. How could we ever forget the most valuable soul and blood on earth you gave so we can live. We will never ever stop thanking you BLESSED SAHDEH QADEESHEH,the BRAVE SONS and BRAVE DAUGHTERS ASOURAYEH.
The path you chose to take and the struggle you had for the freedom of Assyria,will never stop,as long as your sons and daughters are alive. We will hand in hand keep your dreams alive untill that day comes. The day that millions of you beloved SAHDAN, died for. The day of freedom of ASSYRIA.To us,your HOLY DAY is the proudest day of our lives and the holliest of the holliest days ever. GOD Bless you all Nina Kiwarkis Arsan Shalalo Echoes of Nineveh Radio Sydney Australia
God rest there soul. Our beloved Assyrian Martyrs we will never forget. They wil live in our hearts forever. God bless our Assyrian Nation.
God keep them in heaven, and rest their soul in peace. I light a candle for my beloved son HUSSAM and other martyrs ,it was the fifth year for him. Hussam's Mom
God keep them in heaven, and rest their soul in peace. I light a candle for my beloved son HUSSAM and other martyrs ,it was the fifth year for him. Hussam's Mom
you gave us great lessons about OMTANAYOTA.. we're here today thanks for the great sacrifices you made. we hope we're worth it... Rest in Peace
On this day I will light a candle and will remember the blood of those heroes that has been shed to keep my identity and my heritage alive!
May they rest in peace.
May the spirit of nationalism of our Martyrs grow stronger amongst us.
God keep them in heaven, and rest their soul in peace
God bless them.
God rest their Assyrian souls and may they always be remembered as the heros of our nation.
Alha Maneklokon Go Nohra o Prdaysa.(RIP) Sargon Malham San Jose,Ca
you are in our hearts we will never forget you
Dear Benjamin Daniali/Assyria Times Thank you for adding my name to this hounarable and at the same time painfull event (The Assyrian commemoration 2009) and for giving me and others this aportunity to light a candle in the memory of our Martyrs and remembering them in our Prayers. I like very much to ask every one of us to pray always, for by our Faith we will defeat the evil and have peace on Earth.Do pray Revelation 1:25 To the only God our Savior,through Jesus Christ our Lord,be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and for ever. Amen Praise the Lord Glory Glory Hallelluiah Best Regards Shimeran
We must learn to forgive and to look to the future of our people rather than clinging to the heart breaking tragedies that have befallen us. We cannot change the past and God never promised us tomorrow. All's we really have is NOW.
Bshemat Yma ASHORAYTA ALAHA Manyeklokon kool Sahda ASHORAYA. YEMA ASHORAYTA GO MARWA. Azo Maran Milpitas Ca
Our fallen heroes are God's emissaries who forfiets the future of all nations. Our martyrs are the nexus that connect our glorious ancient history with the contemporary one. We as Assyrians should relate our sufferings, and national aspirations to the world. Our Assyrian martyrs passed over but we, the remnant inheritants, should pass on the torch of their struggle to the world through the international media acknowledging our identity, and expose our stolen rights. Khaya Atour Zak Gilyana, Skokie, Illinois
shlama,i would love to thank the person who came up with this grate idea u my friend sha'll be blessed by god and all those who died for us
Ana bet Awin Shada kata go maerwa tleka op kora letly bet sapren eman bet kazenoon en sahdeh d kam mene. Sahda Kata Go Marwa. (RIP) Bshlama ka Umte Raba Mokneyawhen...!
God rest your souls.
We will engrave your names in our hearts and minds for generations to come. WE WILL NEVER FORGET.
You are our hero and our hope for future Assyria and we will always remember and continue your holy mission for you and for out nation
Khayya Omtan Ashureta & Shokha o Romrama qa Roukhet Sahdan Ashuraye Gabbareh d dwekhlon ganeeh qa qoyama d' Athra d Ashur...
Atree, my beloved Beth-Nahrain. To you I pledge my love and allegiance. I was once of mere existence, until you birthed me on your soil. I was once of total ignorance, until you taught me how to behold your history, love your sons, and fight for your will. For it is you that has given me an identity, and shaped me to adorn you selflessly. Until I return to you, yimme, I shall have no honor. Assyria, you shall be free once again!
Their souls light up the path for the rest to pass thru, forever they will be remembered.....let the world know, we will never die....we shall resurrect
To all our martyrs, to their spirits, sleep where you are in peace, and, believe that we are on your way which you believed. You still with us lighting our way to find the freedom which you were looking for and still we are.... Dmookon Ya Neshre Gabare…. Dmokhon Sheleh Bshteqota.... Qeneaton Shema Qa Doreh….. God Bless the Assyrians all the time… Amen Azad Y. Warda-Ankawa/Erbil/Iraq
Aloho mhase asuryoye b-breetho kula, deelono eeth asuhde d-seyfo. Suryoye, chaldoye, othuroye- kulayna 'amo ha elo ishmohe mshahlifeh.
To the brave, innocent and loyal Assyrians.
The genocide and massacres that still continue today by Islamic Kurdish/Turkish/Arab, with the help of weak souls remained untold. Assyrian media is needed, but, I believe, we do not have it, even so, we dance that we have a TV station, but the message is not truely Assyrian, but it seems to be a congratulation to those whom massacred Assyrian, and occupied our Assyia land, and called it Kudistan.... Let us not forget how they, the Kudish terrorists entered our streets and homes, massacred with no mercy. Do not congratulate them, but let us light a candle to remember the injustice and crime committed against innocent people, we call them Assyrian.
Akonwate Sahde Ashorayeh Dmokoon Pshleh Tpeka Bot Kateret Umtokon Ashorayta Chabo Kadyokoon Alaha Maneklokon Go Prdaysa Nohra Obahra Katan Yowelokon. Kakoleh bnonet (Askar D LEVI) God bless you all. Sargen Baba Yosip mean Go Shmaya Hamzomeleh Lewaya Ashoraya
ܫܘܒܼܚܐ ܘܪܘܡܪܡܐ ܐܡܝܢܝܐ ܠܣܗܕܝ̈ܢ ܜܘܒܼܢ̈ܐ
we mourn...
за всех погибших.
(RIP) Sogolan Ashorayeh halam kayeton aman. Mimi, Los Altos,Ca
we will never forget
In the memory of the blood shed by our beloved assyrian martyrs
God Bless!!
ܫܘܒܼܚܐ ܘܪܘܡܪܡܐ ܐܡܝܢܝܐ ܠܣܗܕܝ̈ܢ ܜܘܒܼܢ̈ܐ
ala manisklun cul aturai oran azan, gu nora phirdesa avi
Shlama ta kul sakhde Aturaye d'ilay b'malkuta. Tabbakh 7 biyou kule mikhdade msalukh badal sakhdan u ad ilay go khayuta kul parsope Aturaye ta takhrukhle shimmay rohanaya go khayutan u pilkhonan. Khaye qa kul Umta Aturayta.
Alaha manyekh kol sahada gabara o alha yawel khela qa awahato..
God bless trully patriot & placed our martyrs in his right hand
Да воспомянет Господь о вас в раю! И воскреснете вы в день Судный для вечной жизни! Да простит Бог врагов наших! Аминь!
God bless trully patriot & placed our martyrs in his right hand
Time has an incredible ability to erase everything from human recollection and sink the evil and goodness into oblivion. But there is a kind of recollection in the corners of which the moral echoes of our deeds are being collected. It is the reminiscence of the soul. History is an unchangeable essence with its numberless pages where the facts are being recorded and never pass into forgetfulness. There is a page in that very essence that cannot ever be forgotten- an unforgotten page of one nation. LINA YAKUBOVA from "A forgotten page of one nation" documentary film
Salakh sluta u talbakh munyakha ka kul Sahde.
تحية حب لارض العراق لانها مرتوية بدماء اشورية -الاف الورود لارواح شهداء اشو
تحية حب الى الارض التي ارتوة بدماءٍ اشورية -الاف الورود لارواحكم يا شهداءِ اشور
I want to light a Candle for our Beloved Assyrian Martyrs and to do a work, which to help to save and to develop our nation.
May the gracious and loving Lord be with you now and forever.
Light a Candle for our Beloved Assyrian Martyrs
am dani am assyrian live i swedesh am
Shookha Bamrowma L'Rookheh D'Sehdan. Hawakh hemasha Myaqoreh Sehdoota.
God bless them !
they will never been forgotten
The sons and daughters of our nation will not forget you and the cause of your ultimate sacrifice. Alaha Ashur bless your soul
You are always alive in our harts. God bless you all God bless ASSYRIA. Ramina Fremont,Ca
The Spirit lives on in today's Assyrians...we may forgive but we will never grandfather was a survivor of Assyrian Genocide as a 5yr old boy. May God rest the souls Assyrian Martyrs.Amen
تحية اجلال وتقدير لشهداء سميل وصوريا وجميع شهداء شعبنا الكلداني السرياني الاشوري
Мы скорбим...
Вечная память...
May the light of these candles lead you our beloved Martyrs to our Lord Jesus. You will be always in our hearts and prays. Amen.
Алля амохун!
Our beloved Assyrian Martyrs will live in our hearts for ever. You died for us to live. May God rest your soul. Albert Orahim
We never forget your suffer.
Alaha Manyeklon Sahdeh D Umtan ASHORAYTA. You still alive in our hart. God Bless .(RIP)
By the name of one Umta Ashorayta we are in. Solidarity with all ASSYRIANS regarding what country what church if any? Our nation ASSYRIA has given many many sacrifices ever since the occupiers end up in our back yard and ever since they did try to eliminate our existence. So every ASSYRIAN this is a wake up call from our beloved sahdeh are calling you to have only one voice (1) one Umta Ashorayta one home land that is called by GOD “ASSYRIA” (The work of my hand) God has promised us we going to judge( Shawta NINWAYA bet dayeen al daha Oujak). (RIP) KAYA ATOOR Ramsin San Jose,Ca
Светлая память нашим мученикам. Украина, Киев.
I am a forth generation American. It is because of what Assyrian martyrs went through that most of the Assyrians in this age can speak in their own language and call themselves Assyrian. God bless you all for sustaining your believe in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior for about 2000 years and your identity as Assyrians after fall of Nineveh for over 2500 years. Bea Pazokh
Dear Assyrian martyrs, We love you for ever and ever, you were our way and our beloved brothers and sisters. Please pray for us.
Darling Assyrian Nattion, Hereby , we commemorate the Assyrian Martyrs with frowned face , bleeded heart and crying eyes ; but here we are again as Assyrians who leaded their civilisation from victory to another , conveying the world from the dark into the light. Those Martyrs died to bring us new life to breathe. Thus, we must stand to honour their pure blood and lives , litting candles as a sad commemoration. NB: I beseech every Assyrian-blooded person ,who is proud of his Assyrian Nation , to lit candles in front of his house ,at least. Yours, Teghlat Shimon / Syria . Kamishly
I would like to send my candle light as a symbol of commemorate the assyrian martyrs, for all those who died for us. There memories will live withe us for ever Sonia Khamou from Montreal Canada
Proud to be Assyrian.
khikhta ela d malhakh alpa shamaleh qa dani d molhaylon ganeah ekh shmala qa d bahrenni orkha qatan . khayeh mtomayeh qa sahdan gabbareh sahdeh d aomtan atorayta khqirta .
Alaha manichlun. Hawi gaw Nora Prdesa.
May we never forget the injustice or the sacrifices made by our ancestors.
To all Assyrian who perished through out the history we say may you Rest in peace. To all our Church leaders who were executed on our behalf we say Rest in peace. To all the children (Our Brothers and Sisters) who have died for just being Assyrian we Envy you, and say we love you and you will always be in our hearts and thoughts. To all the Martyrs, We thank you and may god have mercy on your souls. I and My younger Sister Nineveh Solemnly swear we will never to forsake your Memory or the Name of our Mother land Assyria, and we will carry on the struggle. Love Babylonia and Nineveh
khaya omta ashureta go nohra o perdesa sahde d omtan ashureta الموت لقتلة الاطفال والشيوخ والنساء في سيميل شم ايل والمجد والخلود لشهداء الامة الاشورية والعراقية اجمعين God bless all the Martyrs who gave their life's for our beloved nation Assyria!,
مضيئة هي الجراح التي تنزف تألقا من أجل انارة آشور وبراقة تلك الدماء التي سالت منهجا و خطى نحو الآشورية. فقد رسمت السماء دربا اسطوريا لتحدي المستحيل فكان أولئك الشهداء أشعة من النور في تاريخ أمة آشور صنع شهدائها من الشهادة قلادة تزين عنق كل آشوري و آشورية المجد و الخلود لشهداء أمة آشور
АХНАН БТХАРХ..................
Alaha manichlun.(Moscow)
Alaha manihlun. Paysh thira aha yuma.
Alaha manihlun.
مذبحة سميل تعد أولى إنجازات (الحكم الوطني) على صعيد (المقابر الجماعية) المزروعة اليوم بكثرة في أرض العراق. هيئ الأجواء داخل العراق للحكم الدكتاتوري العسكري المتشبع بالفكر القومي الغوغائي والنزعة الشوفينية للقومية والتعصب الأعمى للدين، الذي استمر في خداع الجماهير وتضليل المواطنين بالشعارات الوطنية والقومية الزائفة التي أوصلت العراق الى ما هو عليه اليوم من نار ودمار حتى يومنا هذا.
Our dead brothers still live for us and bid us think of life, not death--of life to which in their youth they lent the passion and glory of Spring. As I listen, the great chorus of life and joy begins again, and amid the awful orchestra of seen and unseen powers and destinies of good and evil, our trumpets, sound once more a note of daring, hope, and will. Never forget!!!
لن ننساك ياسميل حتى بعد 1000 سنة
Peace all around World. GOD bless all Martyrs.
His grandchildren recall him, staring into infinity with sadness in his gray eyes, the eyes that were exposing grief. He remembers the day when he, a boy of 12, had to flee from Urmia heading South towards Hamadan. He remembers how his mother, sister-in-law, and his baby nephew died in Baquba. That same year, the only family member left for Anderious, his brother, Hawil Daniel, gets killed in Sharafkhana among the 180 Assyrian soldiers. Anderious Daniel, was my beloved grandfather. His generation survived, thus ours could live and liberate Assyria.
in name of god
Alaha Maneklokon go prdaysa, Hamasha aman etoon. KAYA ATOOR, Flora
We must do some thing,for us,for them,for the future ...........
To my Assyrian brothers and sisters who lost their lives fighting for survival and for Assyria. We salute and honour your bravery and courage, may you rest in everlasting peace.
تمر اليوم ذكرى اليمة على شعبنا العراقي المسيحي وهي ذكرى مذبحة سميل ؟؟؟ لنقف جميعنا وقفة رجل ويد واحدة لنتذكر شهدائنا الابرار في سميل ؟؟؟ ولكن لنقف ايضا ونعري ونعلمن من كان المسبب لمذبحة سميل .. لا ان نبكي فقط على الاطلال والذكريات .. لنكون اليوم شفافين وشجعان في الاعلان عن المجرمين الحقيقين لمذبحة سميل .. ولنعلن ايضا عن من قتل شهداء الكنيسة العظام وفي مقدمتهم في تاريخنا الحديث مطراننا الجلليل المطران فرج رحو وشمامسته الشهداء لان المجرمين لا زالوا طليقي العنان يعبثون ويقتلون ويهجرون شعبنا العراقي المسيحي .. نحن اهل الدار وليس غيرنا .. وعلى الذين يقودون شعبنا المسيحي ان يكونو قدر المسؤلية ويعلنون صراحة عن المجرمين قتلة شعبنا في سميل وقتلة شهدائنا في الموصل ومن هجر شعبنا .. لان التاريخ سيلعن هؤلاء القادة ان تقاعسوا عن ذلك ارحمة لجميع شهدائنا في سميل والموصل الرحمة لشهيدنا المطران فرج رحو والاب رغيد والاب يوسف
gu Naura u Perdesa haui Sahdet umtan Ashureta. khosh haue Nishan op akhneni mkhitet shmman Ashuraia u shqaltet zedqan gu Atret Ashor. khaia umta.
Poshon Bshlama Akonwate O Katwate ALAHA MANYEKLOKON, God Will Bless ASSYRIA Like it or NOT. Bshlamo Asorayo Tleka
God bless all our Assyrians that did give there live to there nation ASSYRIA. Kaya Umta ATOOR Ashorena,San Jose
God Bless our Assyrians Martyrs this week is for you we; You are in our thoughts all the time. God Bless you (RIP).
We love you Sahdeh D Umtan ASHORAYTAH. God bless all ASSYRIANS for ever. Shaaro,San Jose
(RIP) Rest In Peace All ASSYRIANS that did become Martyrs for what they are ASSYRIANS. Long live ASSYRIA, Elona,Milpitas
ܞ rest in the lord our beloved assyrian martyrs god bless assyrian .
hawee nikhe o alaha manekhlonn....we have none besides god to skip justice.we leave the justice wave of God's hands.
АХНАН БТХАРХ .............
АХНАН БТХАРХ .............
АХНАН БТХАРХ .............
АХНАН БТХАРХ .............
АХНАН БТХАРХ .............
АХНАН БТХАРХ .............
Aturai d Moscov gu ymra kam tahrele cul mitan. tin mite bi shimmet ATUR
we will never forget you

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