Moon Story, First Assyrian Interactive Children’s iPad Book

Moon Story, First Assyrian Interactive Children’s iPad Book

8/19/2013 3:14:41 PM

The first interactive Assyrian children’s story for iPad is now available in iTunes. During the beginning of the summer Sargon Benjamin, an app developer and C.E.O of Base 2 Applications, was on a creativity hunt. He wanted to make a fun and artistic application geared towards the Assyrian audience: “I had some free time and wanted to work on something new.” That was when Sargon contacted Romil Benyamino, the author of Moon (ܣܲܗܪܵܐ), about making interactive digital Assyrian children’s books. Romil was all over the idea and the two decided to work together on digitizing Moon (ܣܲܗܪܵܐ). One month passed and the story is now available for iPad, titled Moon Story. “We plan to develop Moon Story for more devices such as iPhone and also Android,” says Sargon. Regardless how well these Assyrian applications do with consumers, Sargon and Romil find them very necessary to be available. “I hope we can make more,” says Romil, “I already started the illustrations of my next story in hopes to turn that into an app as well.”

Modern Assyrian Language between Speech and Writing: Linguistic Examination

Modern Assyrian Language between Speech and Writing: Linguistic Examination

4/29/2013 10:04:58 PM

The history of the Modern Assyrian (Aramaic) language of today represents a minimum of a three-millennium long panorama of linguistic, cultural and civilizational events. As a Semitic language, it carried the burden of functioning as the medium of civilization after the gradual diminishing role of the Babylonian and Assyrian languages.

Assyrians Beyond the Fall of Nineveh

Assyrians Beyond the Fall of Nineveh

4/29/2013 5:23:29 PM

Christian Assyrians are often confronted with doubt about their Assyrian identity, but such doubts are entirely based on false assumptions. For example John Joseph, in his “Nestorians and their Muslim neighbors,” claims that this people are Nestorian and not Assyrian. He contends that, until the mid 19th century they had not called themselves by that name.

Transfiguration and Holy Cross Books Published by Assyrian Church of the East

ACOE Published Transfiguration and Holy Cross Books

4/11/2013 1:33:00 AM

Assyrian Church of the East, Archdiocese of Lebanon, is pleased to give the good news to all our nation, in general, and the clergy and faithful of all sisters oriental churches, in particular, and the scholars and researchers in the field of Eastern churches liturgy, literature and heritage that the complete set of Lord feasts liturgical books are printed and available.

With the blessings of our Lord and supervision of His Beatitude Mar Melis Zaia, metropolitan of archdiocese of Lebanon, and hard work for than one year by Archimandrite Emanuel Youkhana the printing of the two books of (Transfiguration) and (Holy Cross) were printed last March.

Dragons and Violins, A true Assyrian story byDavid A. Armstrong

Introducing Dragons and Violins, A True Assyrian Story

5/6/2012 10:59:00 PM

Dragons and Violins is the story of George Edgar, born in Persia at a time of terrible violence against Assyrian Christians. His family escaped to Russia, then Constantinople, and finally to the United States on July 4th, 1921. In World War II, he helped build assault bridges from Normandy to the outskirts of Berlin, his life unfolding against the backdrop of monumental events. But despite all obstacles, nothing deterred him from his one true dream - to become a violinist.