Assyrian Genocide Memorial Erected in France

Assyrian Genocide Memorial in Paris (arnouville) France

The Assyrian Genocide Research Center (Seyfo) reports, an Assyrian Genocide Memorial is erected today in Arnouville, near Paris-France to send a strong message to Turkey’s shameful act of genocide of 1914 in which Turkey brutally wiped out and massacred its Christian population of three ethnic groups Armenians, Assyrians, and Greeks, what is commonly known as a forgotten Holocaust.

Indeed, this is a historical day for the Assyrian nation to commemorate the victims of the genocide and to point out the current atrocities brought upon the ancient Mar Gabriel Monastery by the so called “modern” Turkey that in no way acts so democratic towards its current Christian citizens who have lived in Turkey for thousands of years and are an inseparable part of country’s long history.

The Mar Gabriel Monastery is located on Tur Abdin plateau near Midyat in the Mardin Province in Southeastern Turkey. Mar Gabriel Monastery has been involved in a land dispute with the Turkish government and Kurdish village leaders favorable by the Turkish government in the last decade.

A big population of Assyrians lives in the city of Paris many of whom have migrated to France after 1914, among them, Assyrian Hero General Agha Petros, a military leader who provoked by the systematic massacres, fought and won 14 consecutive battles with Turks and Kurds and saved thousands of lives during the years of genocide.