The Ottoman Turkish Genocides of Anatolian Christians

4/24/2013 5:04:06 PM
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On May 10-11, 2013, scholars from around the world will be presenting original research on the Ottoman Turkish Genocides – Armenian, Assyrian, and Greek – to yield new insight into the overall strategy, planning, execution and aftermath of the campaign to eliminate the native Christian populations of Asia Minor.

This is the first major international conference dedicated to the examination of the three Ottoman Turkish Genocides and will provide a unique opportunity to hear and interact with recognized authorities as well as up-and-coming researchers in the field as they provide innovative analysis from a broad range of disciplines and perspectives.

The conference is being organized by the Asia Minor and Pontos Hellenic Research Center (AMPHRC), the Armenian National Committee, and the Assyrian Center for Genocide Studies and is being hosted by the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Educational Center, located at 9603 Woods Drive in Skokie, Illinois. The conference will consist of four sessions over two days, from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm each day. The registration fee for the conference is $20 ($10 for students) per day, and includes a luncheon as well as morning and afternoon refreshments.

To register, or for more information on sponsorship opportunities, please download the Registration/Sponsorship form here. (.doc)

The Ottoman Turkish Genocides of Anatolian Christians: A Common Case Study

International Academic Conference

May 10 and 11, 2013

Conference Agenda

Illinois Holocaust Museum and Educational Center
9603 Woods Drive
Skokie, Illinois