KDP Select Pros & Cons: Reasons to Choose KDP Select

Self publishing is bigger now than it has ever been before. Even already established writers might chose to move to self publishing platforms like Reedsy and KDP Select because it gives them more control over their work – and often a bigger cut of the profits sooner when readers have bought their book. 

If more control over your work sounds like a great idea to you, KDP Select could be one of the best platforms for self publishing out there. 

Here are some reasons why you should choose KDP Select as your chosen platform when you  publish your book. 

KDP Select is An Established Company

KDP Select is an established and reputable self publishing outlet with years of success in the industry and a lot of happy authors to their name. 

This puts KDP Select in the top tiers of self publishing companies. 

There are hundreds if not thousands of potential self publishing options out there, but not all of them are reputable or legit – and many of them will outright take money for book print runs they never intend to provide you with.

KDP Select Doesn’t Charge Upfront Fees

A lot of self publishing companies will charge upfront fees, and that’s one of the first signs that they aren’t a legitimate self publishing company. Most reputable ones won’t charge upfront fees, and that’s one of the best things about KDP Select. 

Publishing your work through KDP Select doesn’t require upfront fees, and you can use it to publish whether you’re a new or established author – and at your own pace. 

KDP Select Offers a Guided Process – And Support

KDP Select offers a unique guided process to help people who have never formatted or self published a book before in their lives. The process is there to make things like formatting specifications and the final guidelines for publishing easier to ensure that you have an excellent quality product when you’re done.

If you get stuck somewhere or don’t know how to upload or format your manuscript for the KDP Select plattform, they offer excellent tech support that’s just a message away.

KDP Select Offers Self Published Writers Control

KDP Select is one of many self publishing platforms that offer self published writers one advantage above many writers who chose to publish through traditional publishing houses: Control over their work. 

Selling your work to a traditional publisher often means that they will push it with promotion for the first few weeks to months and then notoriously use interest in the book as sales decline. Publishing throgh KDP Select means that you’re free to promote your book whenever you want, and this gives authors unique control over work that the traditional publishing industry lacks.

Want to re-release a book that was published ten years ago, or drum up publicity for a book months into its release? You’re free to do it and it’s entirely up to you. 

KDP Select Isn’t Complicated to Use 

Twenty years ago, self publishing was just a dream for most authors – even those who had a good story that wasn’t getting picked up by a publisher. This saw a lot of stories go to the bottom of a drawer and stay there. We might have even lost a few Pulitzer winners this way: How would we know it today? 

Today, writers have the advantage of platforms like KDP Select that aren’t hard to use. With just the use of a guide or two, you can learn how to format your manuscript perfectly for publication through KDP Select, and it’s not nearly as hard to find exposure or publication as it used to be.